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Conwy Deaf Translation and Support Service

Conwy Deaf Translation and Support Service: a good sign for the Deaf Community


Imagine you couldn’t read your post, or speak to someone on the phone?  What would you do?  Where would you go for help?  These questions are stressful for a Deaf Person, and can lead to serious problems.  That’s where Conwy Deaf Translation and Support Service come in – they help take the stress away, and stop problems from happening, with their translation service and specialist support.

“I remember when the original service closed in 2016.  That was a huge barrier for Deaf People, especially when receiving letters.  I had quite a lot of letters, and they were piling up.  I was concerned I was going to be fined”

– Jonathan Lloyd, Member

British Sign Language is the only way some deaf people can communicate, so a translation service is essential if they are to make sense of letters and phone calls.  When the previous translation service in Conwy closed down, it left people in a panic, so a few members of the Deaf Community got together to create the translation service they need.

The group knew what they wanted to do, but did not know how to go about it, or where to start.  After a chat with Conwy Social Services, they put the group in touch with Care to Co-operate, and together they got the ball rolling!  The members of Conwy Deaf Translation and Support Service worked together to decide on how to run their service, this is called co-operation.  Care to Co-operate gave the group expert advice and guidance to help them turn their dream into a reality.

“When someone arrives, they look sad and worried.  But once they’ve come out of having the translation service, they are so much happier, and smiling”

– Fiona Duller, Founding Member

Conwy Deaf Translation and Support Service, a co-operative by Deaf People for Deaf People, meet regularly to help sort the troubles their community has.  It’s more than a translation service too – people come for help with many things, it could be questions on social media, or advice on private matters.  The co-operative have created a place where the Deaf Community feel comfortable to get the assistance they need.  This is so important, as 40% of Deaf People have a mental health condition, and the services offered make a huge difference to the well-being of their members.  Conwy Deaf Translation and Support Service have made daily life more accessible for their community – the way it should be everyone!

As Jonathan said…

“I’m so proud of this service.  I think deaf people should, and do access it.  It solves all your problems, I sleep wonderful now, it’s great!”

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Case Study
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