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We’re here to help you co-operate: We are Care to Co-operate!

Care to Co-operate's Resource and Learning Hub is full of information on how to setup a care and support service in your community

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We can assist you to share your skills, knowledge and ideas to directly improve how services are defined, designed and delivered – and we do this by working co-operatively.

How it works

Explore the world of co-operation

Our course, 'How to Start a Co-operative', will tell you about co-operatives, important laws that make them happen, and how to get your own care and support co-operative off the ground.

How it works

Learn through animations and quizzes

The interactive course is split into stages, full of animations and quizzes. You decide what to learn and when - we've made it fun and easy to follow.

How it works

Earn certificates as you learn

You’ll earn a certificate when you successfully complete each stage.

How it works

Extra help and guidance is available from the Care to Co-operate team

Once you’ve finished, we will offer you more help and guidance free of charge (yes, free!) to set up a care and support co-operative.